Digitisation in Labour Relations

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Digitisation has long been regarded as a means to drive and achieve business goals, but the benefits are proving to affect many other areas and departments, such as optimising work processes by removing the many manual ones.

When it comes to handling all the categories of labour relations cases efficiently and compliantly, the erNavigator takes those processes and provides a lot more precision and certainty than ever before. It goes beyond traditional manual systems like Excel because it has the capability to guide an employee online to run the correct process and complete all the required tasks step by step.

Automating processes like this through digitisation means empowering staff, irrespective of their level of experience or knowledge. This is especially true when nuanced and sometimes overwhelming legalities are involved. As a Labour Relations case is processed online in real-time, the erNavigator system enables the employee to make a decision easily by delivering clear instructions. The system then helps book a meeting, print the necessary forms ahead of time, offer guidance in what to say in that meeting and help in understanding the important policies involved.

The software keeps not only South African, but global countries, legislative and business best-practices in mind and updates automatically. This is how we came to be endorsed by SABPP (South African Board of People Practices) and have our South African legal content provided and updated by Bowmans. Simply put, the erNavigator has been designed to eradicate non-compliance and inconsistencies from South African Labour Relations.

With such ease of use, the erNavigator streamlines the handling of all labour relations cases and increases overall process efficiency, thereby affecting productivity and output directly. Since many other Human Resource processes have been digitised, Labour Relations needs to catch up and optimise its processes.

With step by step capabilities, the erNavigator revolutionises Labour Relations by providing a real-time web-based case processing system that can be accessed from the cloud, which means centralised data and crucial information when it’s most needed, digitally transforming labour relations as you know it.

All of this can’t be achieved through an Excel spreadsheet.

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