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Mitigate risk, reduce costs, and protect your investment, erNavigator premier support provides essential software updates as well as new releases, technical assistance and proactive support resources.

With the erNavigator API you can integrate in no time.

System training

Our system training provides all the knowledge to get the most out of the erNavigator solution.

Unique self-instructional online system training.

Online instructor training.

Clients can customise training programs and content best suited to their requirements and budget.

Implementation services

Planned, well organised and effective implementations create the perfect foundation.

Our Best Practice Quick Start provides the immediate benefit of best practice labour and employee relations without the necessity of a lengthy and often complex implementation process and its resultant costs.

The implementation service covers all configuration tasks and is managed on a formal project basis by our services team, making sure the project is completed on-time and within budget.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Backed up by efficient, available, and helpful support staff.

Maintenance and upgrades

Maintenance and upgrades are made available at no additional charge, ensuring the system is continually upgraded and updated for changing legislation and business practices.

Ongoing support

Ongoing 2nd tier end-user and 1st tier technical support is made available via our email and telephonic support call-center. All support requests are managed and monitored in accordance with service level agreements.

Boost your HR ecosystem by integrating with erNavigator enterprise

With the erNavigator API you can integrate in no time, we have an open API that helps our customers transfer data between their current systems and erNavigator.

Our API is robust, stable, easy-to-use and well documented, making it simple to connect your broader HR ecosystem and processes to the erNavigator.  

erNavigator is also integrated with some of the very best software solutions to further enhance and streamline labour and employee relations operations.

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