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A leading international fashion and lifestyle retailer with more than 22 brands selling clothing, footwear, jewelry, sportwear, mobile phones and homeware.

The group operates in 31 countries and has more than 2500 stores.


Wholesale group with widely differentiated formats, represented in over 400 stores in 13 countries. Operating in the general merchandise, liquor, home improvement and wholesale food markets.

High volume, low cost, price leadership.


One of the world’s largest mining companies operating in 10 countries.

The portfolio spans Platinum group metals, base metals, and precious metals.


Global integrated manufacturing and energy company spanning 27 countries.

Manufacturing and marketing chemical and energy product globally.


With a worldwide presence in more than 20 countries consisting of an integrated suite of end-to-end wealth management services and banking solutions.


International workforce provider connecting people with jobs that create more efficient workforces.

Public sector utility

One of the largest bulk water utilities in the world, providing bulk portable water to more than 11 million people in an area that stretches over 18 000 km2


A Sales, Merchandising and Supply Chain partner with a fully integrated, bulk and secondary warehousing and transportation service network covering 5 countries.

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