erNavigator enhances its labour relations software with specialist legal content from Bowmans

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erNavigator today announced the release of a version of its software pre-loaded with labour relations legal content and guidance for South Africa – the result of a partnership with leading African law firm, Bowmans.

The software, which digitises and automates labour relations processes, enables labour relations teams and line managers to conduct cases and carry out tasks online and in compliance with best practice.

While companies have been digitising their manual operations for some time now, recent global events have only increased the reliance of business on technology, accelerating the digital revolution and making the product that much more relevant.

Michael Fisher, CEO of erNavigator, explains, “We have played a major role in the digitisation and automation of labour relations processes, especially in South Africa, since 2003. We now have hundreds of thousands of users on our platform across 27 countries.”

erNavigator’s global strategy involves providing country-specific versions of the software and this is where Bowmans’ involvement for South Africa comes in.

“These versions are pre-loaded with the pertinent labour relations legal content and guidance for each geographical location the software is marketed in,” explains Fisher.

“What’s more the versions evolve ensuring they keep abreast of changing labour relations conditions and requirements so it’s important for us to partner with a leader within each jurisdiction.”

Lusanda Raphulu, head of Employment and Benefits at Bowmans, says, ‘We are particularly proud of our involvement in this project and are very happy to be leading the charge towards digitising processes in the South African labour relations space, especially at a time when the demand for this kind of support is growing.”

Clients using the software are able to significantly improve their labour relations service delivery, with fewer resources and at a higher degree of compliance, consistency, and fairness.

The version complies fully with the South African Labour Relations Act as well as the CCMA rules and will be regularly updated and enhanced by the Bowmans team to ensure that it remains current.

“Bowmans is always on the look out for opportunities to enhance our client service and keep up with our clients’ evolving needs. Our partnership with erNavigator on this innovative way of supporting labour relations processes, is one such example,” concludes Raphulu.

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