Internal Control

Internal controls are designed to provide an organisation with reasonable assurance that key standards are being maintained as intended.

Internal Control

Key Standards

To support the consistent and timely administration of discipline, internal control should ensure the following:

  • Ongoing communication of policies, procedures and requirements to staff that are involved in these processes.
  • Continuous learning to maintain awareness of requirements.
  • Complete documentation of disciplinary actions.
  • Consistent administration of discipline.
  • Adequate monitoring framework to assess the extent of compliance to policy instruments and legislation.
  • Adequate reporting framework to assess the extent of information availability and accessibility.

Internal Control Assessment Tool

This free online internal control assessment tool will help you quickly gain an overall understanding of your organisation’s labour and employee relations control profile. For each key standard, the tool will guide you to consider:

  • Whether the key control is in place.
  • Whether there is documentary evidence that the key control is functioning as intended.
  • Whether a regular control review process is in place.
  • Whether the control review process is manual.

Answer Each Question by Simply Selecting the Appropriate Answer.

A confidential summary report will be emailed to you based on the answers you provided. The report will highlight areas of weakness, as well as opportunities for improvement.

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