Processes include powerful support tools
that empower end users

erNavigator empowers end-users by building a sustainable and continuous labour and employee relations learning and development environment, that is compliant with local requirements.

Powerful proprietary erNavigator decision and process support tools make it easy for users to follow the best practice processes, complete all the required tasks and reach the right decisions.

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    The combination of the erNavigator regularly updated knowledge base, including online training materials, handy tips and best practice guidance, the automatic delivery of information, forms and documents and the powerful online decision and process support tools, helps vital labour and employee relations knowledge and expertise to be spread quickly and efficiently throughout the organization.

    With erNavigator users soon become self-sufficient irrespective of their level of current knowledge and understanding of labour and employee relations, and the organization avoids the costs of expensive ongoing training and specialist supervisory requirements

    Our smart sheets help reinforce labour and employee relations learning and development.


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