erNavigator transforms labour and employee relations data management, reporting, monitoring and analytics

Data management

erNavigator centralizes labour and employee relations data. All paper-based files are replaced with online files containing evidence and case and process histories, all available anytime anywhere.

erNavigator provides enterprise grade data secure and privacy compliant with GDPR and ISO27018

Reporting, monitoring and analytics

erNavigator reporting, monitoring and analytics provides a complete picture of all labour and employee relations activities in real time all in one place, with deeper insights that help end users make informed, data driven decisions.

Reporting, monitoring and analytics includes

Labour and employee relations key performance indicators

Labour and employee relations real-time reporting

Labour and employee relations analytics

Labour and employee relations early detection risk monitoring

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Key performance indicators

End users select key performance indicator dashboards if they wish to view pre-defined labour and employee relations metrics.

These KPI’s have been developed over many years of experience and offer a simple and quick view of trends, vulnerabilities and successes. Select a category of key performance indicators such as:

  • Overall case volumes and statuses;
  • Unusual trends;
  • Compliance breaches;
  • Unusual case activity;
  • Unusual employee and manager activities;
  • Other items of interest.

Real-time Reporting

End users select reports if they wish to quickly and easily generate once off requests for specific case or system usage information.

  • It’s as simple as selecting a report from the available listings.
  • Select report parameters to filter the output.
  • Generate the report with real-time data.

Labour and employee relations analytics

End users select labour and employee relations analytics if they wish to interrogate data for a deeper insight.

  • The self-service analytics module allows end users to create their own striking data visualizations.
  • End users can design, view, customize and share reports in real time. In addition, reports can be automatically scheduled and delivered.
  • When creating new reports end users can select as many output fields as they require. Data modelling tools are available to present the data in alternative ways, including filtering, and separating.
  • Thereafter the end user can choose from the many flexible output formats available.
  • Charts, graphs, dials, reports, visualizations, summaries and much more.
  • Reports can be exported to several formats including Excel, Word, HTML, XML, PDF and CSV.

Labour and employee relations early detection risk monitoring

End users select early detection risk monitoring to proactively monitor compliance, consistency and fairness

  • Compliance with company policies and the law
  • Consistency of decisions
  • Fairness of outcomes

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